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GE Appliances was born from the creative spirit of America’s greatest inventor, Thomas Edison. From our people to our products, his spirit lives on today in who we are and what we do. We’re a company that asks, “What if?” and always works to create a better way.

Latest Innovations

GE Appliances' UltraFresh Front Load Washer - a sleek, navy blue washing machine with the door open.

UltraFresh Front Load Washer

A new, revolutionary laundry system designed to help prevent the biggest complaint in front load washers. The UltraFresh Front Load washers, engineered to stay fresh and clean, use first-of-its-kind technology to help prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria without the need for owners to wipe down their machine or leave the door open after each load.

GE Appliances Shuts The Door On Odor With Revolutionary New UltraFresh Front Load Washer
Minimalist four door silver refrigerator.

Multi-Door Refrigerators

Life isn’t static, and neither are our refrigerators. We make refrigerators that flex to accommodate the busy and ever-changing lives of the people who use them.

GE Appliances proves that refrigeration is cool at KBIS 2020
Two door oven with both doors open showing each oven filled with cooking dishes and food.

Cooking Technology

GEA is leading the cooking segment with industry firsts and consumer-driven innovations that improve cooking skills, promote healthier eating and create efficiencies for busy households since it launched its first full line of cooking devices more than a century ago.

Black and white data panel with controls for various appliances.

SmartHQ Platform

At GE Appliances, we focus on creating technology that delivers solutions to improve people’s lives. With SmartHQ Solutions, we extend our footprint beyond the home appliances to improve distribution, fleet management, usage, and service, giving our owners and partners total control of their headquarters, whether that’s their home, office, or job site.

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Futuristic looking screen.

Kitchen Hub

Our “Best of CES” Kitchen Hub is the first-of-its-kind, 27-inch integrated smart-touch screen and ventilation combo that fits easily above the range. It provides access to thousands of recipes and a guided cooking experience. The unit’s two cameras allow you to share what’s cooking with your social media followers or family and friends. The next generation Kitchen Hub in 2021 will feature a built-in microwave and artificial intelligence that will allow your Hub to recognize different food items and provide correlating recipes.


Experts constantly seek better ways of electrical living, GE Consumers Institute, 1948.

History of Innovation

From innovating the first line of heating and cooking products in 1907 to designing a first-of-its-kind digital cooking experience with our “Best of CES” Next Gen Kitchen Hub in 2020, we’ve long been known for turning great ideas into inventions that make life easier. Consistently recognized for our industry-leading innovations for the home, we strive to anticipate our owners’ needs and develop the solutions that provide more time for people to do the things they love with those they love.

Our interactive timeline provides a glimpse at some of GE Appliances’ greatest inventions – from the world’s first self-cleaning oven to our award-winning UltraFresh front load washer, a recipient of the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

Photo taken pre-COVID-19.

Supply Chain

Our innovative spirit is alive and thriving at our 11 U.S. manufacturing facilities and 14 distribution centers. Through our digital transformation, we’re dramatically changing the way we do business for our customers and consumers. As the personalization trend grows, our goal is to make exactly what our owners want, when they want it.

To make that happen, we’ve invested in technology such as data visualization, predictive maintenance analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, and 3D scanning. We’ve created smart factories and distribution centers that give us real-time data at our fingertips, increasing efficiency and improving quality. With a digital thread that tracks who needs an appliance, where it’s going and the fastest way to get there, we have more visibility to our supply chain than ever before.

What the means for you is better, faster service. In fact, our digital supply chain innovations and network of distribution centers enable us to deliver finished appliances to 90 percent of U.S. households in just one day.

Featured Inventors


Featured Inventors

Meet some of the people behind our products whose ideas spark the innovation that helps make life a little easier for you.

Paul Cadima

Advanced Systems Engineer for Cooking Products and Technical Expert-Combustion

When you fire up a burner on your range to make spaghetti for supper or your Saturday morning pancakes, the creative genius of Paul Cadima is behind helping you prepare amazing meals. Paul appreciates the freedom he has at GE Appliances to chase ideas and take big swings. He’s not only received 70 patents for his work on our groundbreaking cooking products, like an integrated griddle on your cooktop, he’s invented unique features that save owners time.

He considers himself a person driven by the greater good and has a curiosity for solving problems - like designing electric coils that are hot enough to perform kitchen tasks, but safe enough to meet the latest safety regulations. At the end of the day, he believes that GE Appliances makes products that help people, and that’s what continues to keep him motivated.

Kyran Hoff

Executive Director, Chief Engineer

As the first female Chief Engineer of GE Appliances, Kyran Hoff is motivated to make the best products in the market every day in order to help owners better manage their tasks in the kitchen so they can spend more time with the people they love. Kyran is an engineer who holds seven patents and has helped to develop products and features our owners love, like GE Appliances’ first dishwasher sanitization cycle and an industry-first dishwasher with 102 jets, not to mention a jet designed specifically to clean bottles.

From the concept and development phase to seeing a product roll off the assembly line and into an owner’s home, Kyran loves being a part of the process. As an avid cook, she's particularly excited about the collaboration between the cooking and SmartHome Solutions teams. She believes that innovative features like guided cooking have the ability to bring out the inner home chef in everyone.

Watch here: Kyran shares how GE Profile is innovating for the future at KBIS 2021.

Jeff Drake

Director and Kitchen Hub design manager at GE Appliances

Our smart home solutions put the power of appliances into the hands of our owners. From guided cooking to washers and dryers with built-in WiFi, Jeff Drake is driven to create new products that keep you connected and save you time and money.

His work in integrating smart home technology with traditional appliances has led to new innovations like the award-winning Kitchen Hub. The Kitchen Hub harnesses the power of connected appliances into a home command center that can track family calendars, look up recipes and even video chat grandma for cooking advice.

Jeff’s interest in engineering started at a young age when he watched his father, an electrical control mechanic, tinker on projects at home. It prompted him to take a co-op position at GE Appliances and eventually a full-time role that has generated 43 patents and counting for the company. Jeff believes that you should be bold with your choices and appreciates that at GE Appliances, he has the freedom to bring big, new ideas to the table.

Sam DuPlessis

Director of Engineering, Small Appliances

Once only available in restaurants, our Opal Nugget ice maker developed at FirstBuild, now allows our owners to produce perfectly crunchable nugget ice in the comfort of their own homes. Engineer Sam DuPlessis helped develop and bring the Opal to market, and in 2020 he played an integral role in GE Appliances’ re-entry into the small appliances marketplace.

Working with his team, Sam’s been able to combine innovation with an attention to detail that sets a new standard for the small appliances category. His work includes a “Gold Cup” certified coffee maker with style, and a “not-your-grandma’s” toaster oven with air-fry technology. Over the last 24 years of his career, Sam has gained a reputation for providing owners with new features that surprise, delight and deliver on superior experiences.

He contributes his success to being curious about how things work and being driven to make new ideas successful and useful for our owners. While seeing an idea come to life is rewarding, he points to seeing owners happy with their products as his greatest reward.

Lauren Platts

Product Senior Manager - Cooking & Food Prep

When you pick up a coffee pot and feel the weight and texture of the appliance in your hand, take note of your refrigerator’s seemingly “made-for-you” configuration or admire the attention to detail on your new toaster oven with air-fry technology, know that the creative mind of Lauren Platts is behind these functional and beautiful products.

Lauren is building on her experience and expertise as a designer in her role as product manager. From designing, to marketing and sales, Lauren's influence in the full lifecycle of our small appliances inspires her to make conscious and intentional choices that reflect the diverse needs and tastes of our owners.

Lauren believes that innovation is about questioning why things are the way they are now and asking yourself how you can make them better moving forward. She loves GE Appliances’ culture of open-mindedness, inclusivity and teamwork.

Derrick Little

Executive Director, Cooking Products Technology

When you pop your next bag of microwave popcorn or boil water over a gas burner, you’ll have Derrick Little and his team to thank for how efficiently the appliances work. Derrick believes that the best innovation is born out of diversity in thought and teamwork. He lives by the idea that “we either win together or we do not win at all.” It’s this mindset that has led him to collaborate on more than 10 patents in the cooking technology space with his fellow GE Appliances engineers.

He loves leading the launch of new appliance products and seeing friends and family enjoy them in their homes. It’s the constant challenge of solving problems and the opportunity to learn something new that’s kept him passionate over the course of his nearly 30-year career with GE Appliances.

Photo taken pre-COVID-19.

Makers' Corner

FirstBuild is a destination for makers who are fueled by a relentless drive to create what’s next. Its microfactory, open makerspace, online community and go-to-market approaches lead to innovative products people love. Whatever you’re passionate about, come make it with us at FirstBuild.

Product Categories

We design products with you in mind. Our focus at GE Appliances is making life easier at home by creating exciting, innovative products you can trust. We sell appliances under the Monogram®, Café™, GE Profile™, GE®, Haier, and Hotpoint brands. Our products include refrigerators, freezers, cooking products, dishwashers, washers, dryers, air conditioners, small appliances, water filtration systems and water heaters.